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Blackberry is going back to QWERTY physical keyboard, Bad move?

Blackberry 10 is near it’s anniversiries of 1 year since it launched, and it was not a good year for the company, but recently, the luck might just come back to them. They did not have to sell their company, but also got themselves a new CEO to guide the company out of this mess. So, if you are a fan of a physical QWERTY keyboard like the old line Blackberry, your luck might just have come.

So, the official statement from the new CEO John Chen says that Blackberry’s will produce the QWERTY keyboard in the future product. Now, would it be a bad thing?

Blackberry 10

For those of you that do not know, Blackberry 10 is a heavily gesture based system. When this system released, it was a step toward the modern touchscreen based OS to keep up with the competition. But now, if Blackberry starts to use the physical keyboard again, which is also meant that they will put a touch based OS on a 4:3 aspect ratio screen, which in my experience of using the Q10, it is not a good experience.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy using a physical QWERTY keyboard, but what I’m saying is with the essential design that Blackberry design phones with implanted QWERTY keyboard, it is possible that Blackberry will put its self in the same situation. With that being says, if somehow they can keep a Smartphone size with the keyboard, like the Torch 9800 (or at least the same idea), or a new innovative way to implant a keyboard into a their phone, Blackberry might attract peoples attention again.

Source: GoogleBloomberg Businessweek
Via: Pocketnow



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