Build 2016: Windows 10 Anniversary Update

After Android and Apple dominated the first quarter of this year, it is now time for Microsoft to showcase its plan for Windows and other services in 2016. The show is recorded and can be view on Channel 9.view on Channel 9. Windows 10 There is one rule for any presentation by a big corporation: Brag. And […]

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CAT becomes the first OEMs to feature a thermal camera on smartphone

In the mobile landscape, it is rare to see the big players like Samsung or Apple to go bold with new features. Far too often, we see iteration from last year’s flagship, with better spec and nothing to show for. That’s where the little guys step in. In an effort to stand out from the heavily […]


Microsoft reveals the mid-range Lumia 650

After much speculation and leaks, Microsoft has finally revealed the Lumia 650 in preparation for its booth at MWC 2016. The mid-range device is aimed for businesses as an affordable alternative to the Lumia 950 series. Starting with the design (which is surprisingly better-looking than its high-end sibling, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL), the device features […]

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BlackBerry Priv will come to T-Mobile on January 26th

To the surprise of everyone, BlackBerry has made and announced an Android phone with a physical keyboard this year. The phone seems to be the company’s last hope to stay in the mobile arena, and the phone has to sale. If BlackBerry has learned anything from its competitors, it is that being exclusive to one carrier will not […]

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AT&T is ready to drop the two-year contract

Since the first major U.S carrier (or Uncarrier, as the company called itself), T-Mobile, eliminated contract from its policy, there has been a growing movement among the wireless carrier industry. Verizon followed, which left the second largest carrier behind. Well, the Death Star carrier has conceded to the carrier revolution by T-Mobile and joining the […]

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Microsoft Lumia 950XL Review: The best option for the worst selection

For the most part, Microsoft fans (or Windows Phone fans, rather) have been waiting for more than two years for a proper replacement to the last Lumia flagship (Lumia 1020, 930, 1520). Well, two years later, Microsoft announced the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950XL. Does the phone justify the two-year waiting period and the hefty […]

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‘Breakthrough’ phone is on the way, said Microsoft’s marketing chief

Well,  let’s be honest here, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, while long-anticipated, is less than ideal flagships. More than that, since Panos Panay is taking over the smartphone division, we are also expecting a so-called surface phone to be the next flagship from Microsoft. Well, on Christmas Eve-eve, Microsoft’s Chris Capossela confirms just that. […]

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BlackBerry Priv is getting a price cut in Febuary

While many are excited by the release of BlackBerry’s first Android phone, there is one thing that bug everyone about the PRIV: the price tag. While it is the best former RIM can offer, for the fan, it is not enough for the fan to choke up $700 for the phone. Well, it seems like CEO […]

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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Quick Review

It is no secret that Amazon is known for its Fire tablet lines, and they are one of the cheapest Android tablets you can buy right now. However, when the price is this cheap ($50 for the 7-inch model), there should be some concern over performance. Well, during this past BlackFriday, I bought myself a […]

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Switching from Windows Phone to Android: Yes, this time is personal [TL;DR]

As some of you might have recognized, I have been using the Android LG G4 as my daily driver for more than a month now. And as you might expect, at some point, I will do a comparison between the G4 and the Lumia ICON, or even bigger, Android vs. Windows Phone. In some way, this […]