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CAT becomes the first OEMs to feature a thermal camera on smartphone

CAT_S60In the mobile landscape, it is rare to see the big players like Samsung or Apple to go bold with new features. Far too often, we see iteration from last year’s flagship, with better spec and nothing to show for. That’s where the little guys step in. In an effort to stand out from the heavily saturated industry, CAT, the company known for their construction tools and vehicles, came to the mobile world with their own rugged smartphone line up a few years back. To kick off their MWC this year, the company introduces to us their one and only CAT S60, the first smartphone to feature a thermal camera.

Yes, not just a dongle you have to plug in the back of your phone, the CAT S60 has two cameras, one for normal use (13MP camera), and the other one for “thermal imaging.” Using the same technology from the company called Flir (who specializes in thermal imaging), the device allows users to record or take a photo at a small resolution of 640 x 480-pixel. While it will not be a ground breaking image when compare to a professional thermal camera, it will do just fine in term of gathering thermal figures.

The rest of the phone is on par of a mid-range device. From the surface, we have a 4.7-inch HD display protected by Gorilla Glass 4. Underneath is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 SoC, with 3GB of RAM and  32GB of internal storage (expandable via Micro SD card). Front-facing camera is ranged at 5MP. Power all of this will be the 3800mAh batter. Also, since it is CAT, the phone is waterproof, up to 5 meters deep for 1 hour.

However, the price tag is nowhere near mid-range. Starting this May, the CAT S60 can be yours for $599. While it might be a high price considers the specification, let’s not forget the thermal imaging technology and the durability of the device, and it might just be worth it.

Source: The Verge



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