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AT&T is ready to drop the two-year contract

att-headquarters-logoSince the first major U.S carrier (or Uncarrier, as the company called itself), T-Mobile, eliminated contract from its policy, there has been a growing movement among the wireless carrier industry. Verizon followed, which left the second largest carrier behind. Well, the Death Star carrier has conceded to the carrier revolution by T-Mobile and joining the no-contract club starting next year.

According to a company brief that was leaked earlier today, the carrier will be terminating its contract policy on January 8th, 2016. Replacing the two-year contract will be the Next instalment plans for those who do not want to pay full price for their mobile devices. However, there are uncertainties within the company on whether to keep the contract concept for enterprises accounts and special devices like tablets and smartwatches. Unlike its competitors, AT&T will not be carrying contract option for its existing customers.

With that, Sprint will be the last major carrier in the U.S to retains its contract policy. What do you feel about contracts? Is it easier to buy subsidized devices, or is it better to buy with an instalment plan?

Source: Engadget

Via: Pocketnow



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