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BlackBerry Priv will come to T-Mobile on January 26th

Priv-Devices-1To the surprise of everyone, BlackBerry has made and announced an Android phone with a physical keyboard this year. The phone seems to be the company’s last hope to stay in the mobile arena, and the phone has to sale. If BlackBerry has learned anything from its competitors, it is that being exclusive to one carrier will not do the trick.

So, what is the plan? Well, it has been reported that the Canadian company is ready to put this on the third largest carrier in the United States, T-Mobile. The source indicates that this partnership will be announced on January 26th, which “coincidentally,” is also a launch of a new Uncarrier move for the Magenta carrier.

For the moment, the phone bears a hefty price tag of $700, and with the no-contract policy, it might be a hard sale. However, it has been indicated that a price cut will come down next spring, and T-Mobile’s customers might just be the first to get it.

Source: Phonearena

Via: Pocketnow



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