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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Quick Review

It is no secret that Amazon is known for its Fire tablet lines, and they are one of the cheapest Android tablets you can buy right now. However, when the price is this cheap ($50 for the 7-inch model), there should be some concern over performance. Well, during this past BlackFriday, I bought myself a […]

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Potential buyers of Nokia HERE Maps emerge

After the sale of its Product and Service division, Nokia is getting smaller and smaller. While it recently acquired Alcatel-Lucent, the company is also ready to sell off another of its division, its HERE Map. Back when the story broke out, there was no real information on who would buy the service, but today Bloomberg has […]

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The Fire phone won’t be hot when it launched.

    Now, Amazon just revealed to us the Fire phone today, yes! I mean, it has been more than a year since the first time we heard about Amazon was building a phone (which Bezos denied by the way, LIAR!). Is it a good phone? Maybe, maybe not, I have not used it yet, […]

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Amazon launches the Fire phone

The time has come and Amazon is ready to unveil its first smartphone, the one that was heavily rumored for months, and its unique feature (as shown in their teaser video) Today in Seattle, several news teams (not me, sigh D:) are there to cover it, and Welcome to the smartphone world, the Amazon Fire […]

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Blackberry calls Amazon for helps by bringing its Appstore to BB10

Although the platform is not doing well, Blackberry 10 is undeniably one of the cool and hip platform out there, With its newest 10.2.1 update, allows developers to pack their Android apps for the platform without the need to recode the apps, the neat idea is still struggling to interest developers. Today, Black berry has called the big […]