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Potential buyers of Nokia HERE Maps emerge

here-mapsAfter the sale of its Product and Service division, Nokia is getting smaller and smaller. While it recently acquired Alcatel-Lucent, the company is also ready to sell off another of its division, its HERE Map. Back when the story broke out, there was no real information on who would buy the service, but today Bloomberg has reported some names that could potentially buy HERE Maps in the near future.

Many notable companies have emerged as potential buyers, including Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. Apple has been struggling with its map service, so buying an experienced Map division, especially after its divorce with Google Map a few years ago, would help out the struggling navigation system. For Amazon, its Fire OS is already suing HERE as its map service, so it only common sense that it should be the owner of the thing when Nokia doesn’t want it anymore. Besides Facebook, there are reportedly some car manufacturers looking to upgrade its navigation offers with HERE Maps.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: Pocketnow



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