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Surface division brings in big revenue for Microsoft

Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build ConferenceWell, if there is one thing Microsoft can be bragging about right now is its Surface Pro series. Say what you will, Microsoft has done everything right with that tablet on the hardware side. The software side is still in question. But that doesn’t stop the company from making money with its Surface Pro 3. Since the launch date, we have seen some steady increase in sale, and that does not seem to be changing anytime soon. Microsoft’s fiscal quarter reports have came in that the number is looking good for the Surface team

This quarter, the first quarter of 2015, the sale of Surface devices has generated $713 million in revenue. According to the report, the massive increase (44% increase from the same period in the yesteryear) was “driven” by the sale specifically the Surface Pro 3. However, it is worth noticing that it is a drop from the last quarter, in which the Surface division generated more than $1 billion in revenue.

On the Lumia division, Microsoft has sold 8.6 million units, and in turn makes $1.4 billion in revenue. Unfortunately, this is a decrease from last quarter when the company sold 10.5 million devices. Other computer and gaming hardware sale are also dropping in sale when compare to the same quarter last year, especially in the licensing revenue, where Microsoft sees a 24% drop.

To sum up, Microsoft’s is in a particular spot at the moment. The company is not doing bad by any means, but it is not doing great either. This report further shows that Microsoft is still in transition mode since 2014, and the sooner the company can settle, the better it is.

Source: Microsoft

Via: Pocketnow; Windows Central 



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