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Samsung confirms a round smartwatch in the pipeline.

Besides the fact that the public has not accepted the need for smartwatches in their life, one of the reasons why smartwatches is still not catching up is because of their styles. So far, there are only a few companies out there who would commit to making a round smartwatch mimic million of wristwatch out there. Today, Samsung is officially adding its name to that group, as it just confirm it next smartwatch’s form factor.

This will be historic for Samsung, as it will be taking a departure from the old quadrilateral display and instead, using a circular screen instead. Samsung has also confirmed a few partner to make apps for this Gear device, including CNN, Yelp and FidMe. This SDK teaser also means that developers will soon gain access to the information of the watch, if not the watch itself. If this is going to be the successor of the Gear S, chances are beside WiFi and Bluetooth, the company will also include cellular connectivity.

Source: Samsung

Via: Pocketnow



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