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Blackberry calls Amazon for helps by bringing its Appstore to BB10


Although the platform is not doing well, Blackberry 10 is undeniably one of the cool and hip platform out there, With its newest 10.2.1 update, allows developers to pack their Android apps for the platform without the need to recode the apps, the neat idea is still struggling to interest developers. Today, Black berry has called the big dog in Android open platform player, Amazon, to connect its growing Appstore with BB10.

With the knowledge that provided by the gloating of Amazon hitting 240,000 apps, starting this fall, alongside the new update 10.3, Blacberry users will enjoy access to those 240,000 apps in via the Amazon Appstore just like they would from a normal Android Phone.

Of course, Blackberry World will continue to be there, offers it own options of apps, and Amazon present would help supplement it (well, that is the idea). On the media aspect, Blackberry will put its selling of music, video and movie to a halt. As of July 21. All new media will need to purchase through 3rd party apps. This move, according to CEO John Chen, will bring “greater app availability” and “enhanced productivity for enterprises.”

Source: Blackberry

Via: Pocketnow



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