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LG G3 is coming to the US in July?

As the Koreans are enjoying their LG G3 over there, we here in the US are still waiting for a carrier to pick it up. In the report about the G3 in its opening date, we’ve seen that all of the major carriers in the US were looking to pick this up ASAP, and the […]


The iPhone 6 hardware picture leaked (again!)

At this rate, it is like there is at least one piece of news about this new iPhone 6 everyday, and frankly, I’m getting tired of it. 2 days ago, I reported on a leaked picture that, supposedly, is the frame of the new iPhone 6. Today, however, we got a picture of the hardware […]

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Blackberry considers about making a phablet

As much as we (or I) loved Blackberry, the company barely making any phone that available to us anymore. As of right now, Blackberry is still conservative with its form factor, the biggest phone the company has right now is a 5-inch, which for some companies, it’s considering a small phone (Oppo is a good […]

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Microsoft and Apple are moving toward Ubuntu area?

Let’s be honest here, not everyone is a fan of an all-in-one device, some like more diversities in theirĀ using experiences, and that is fine. But, this direction seems like what all of the big platforms are moving toward. It is all began with Ubuntu (or even further than that), and that influenced Microsoft with its […]