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Load of Galaxy Note 4 model number leaked

As we move closer to IFA, more and more news, rumors and leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 get out. Today, @evleaks leaked not one, not two, but 22 model numbers for variants of the Note 4. Let’s dive in. There are some of the main models, the SM-N910, SM-N9106, SM-N9108. Two of those […]


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Apple’s iWatch might have ‘more than sensors’

Rumors about Apple’s first smartwatch keeps piling up day by day, and now, a new report from the Wall Street Journal says that there can be more than one. According to the famous journal, Apple is planning to release “multiple version of the smartwatch” that will be launched this fall, in the sense that there will be […]

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Nokia teases X2 for next week?

Wow, Nokia is really digging Android aren’t they? Yesterday, we’ve seen a division of Nokia that is not owned by Microsoft launches the “pre-beta” for the new Android Launcher, the Z Launcher. If you remember, a several months back, Nokia launched the Nokia X runs Android Open Platform with heavy Nokia/Microsoft skin on it. Although we […]

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Microsoft typo confirms existence of Surface Mini

Remember the day Microsoft Surface Pro 3 released? Yeah, that was not something we actually expect. I mean, before that, we had months (or even year) of rumors about Surface Mini. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was glad to see the surface (pun intended) of the Pro 3, the Mini was what we expected. […]