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Overpraising and over-condemning over the Suface Pro 3, none of which is right…

Although it’s a fine device, the Surface Pro 3 has created numerous controversies on the Internet. Those who are praising it right now are on various websites, and without concern about the fact, defend the hell out of it; and then there are those who just fine every small thing to criticize about, and nothing […]

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Fingerprint scanner on the next Galaxy Gear?

  Although the fingerprint scanner has existed for the longest time. Its integration into our daily life is still quite slow, but for the past year or two, it’s  coming back. Apple has brought it to the iPhone 5S and possibly the iPhone 6. HTC and Samsung have also made progress in putting the technology into their […]


In the past 2 or 3 years, Qualcomm was the company that is trusted by OEMs with producing reliable processor for your phone. Although there were some emerged, like the Exynos in some of the Samsung phone, or the Nvidia Tegra chips, but none can compete with the giant Qualcomm. And yes, Apple was doing […]

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PayPal integrated Touch ID into the process of accessing your account

WWDC passed and along the way, Apple has dropped some significant API and SDK for developers, and one of those was the Touch ID’s API, which allow third-party integration, and a lot of developers have taken advantage of it. As of today, beside iTunes (who allows you to purchase stuffs through Touch ID), PayPal became one […]

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4K 12-inch tablet by Samsung spotted at French Open

On the market so far, 4K and 2K screens exist on mostly tablet, and if you go smaller, the G3 is pretty much the only phone with a 2K display on the market. While both of those products enjoy such a screen, a lot of flagship this year like the HTC One (M8) and the […]