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PayPal integrated Touch ID into the process of accessing your account

WWDC passed and along the way, Apple has dropped some significant API and SDK for developers, and one of those was the Touch ID’s API, which allow third-party integration, and a lot of developers have taken advantage of it. As of today, beside iTunes (who allows you to purchase stuffs through Touch ID), PayPal became one of the first big title apps to integrated users’ application with Touch ID.

On the security aspect, Paypal exec mentioned that the API was easy to use, but they are still “kicking the tires.” The fingerprint will stay locally in your phones, and will not touch the cloud or the Internet in any way. With this improvement, Touch ID plans to be anchored for a full-fledge mobile wallet service from Apple. With Touch ID, users would be able to pay instantly through e-commerce apps, or in-person payment at retail stores. 
This is a big win for Apple, as Thad Peterson, senior analyst at Aite Group explained: “If I can use PayPal with the iPhone using my thumb print, that creates incremental value for consumers.” He also explained the value of information on this test, to see what can developers do with Touch ID. 
Source: Businessinsider
Via: Tech News Blog


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