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4K 12-inch tablet by Samsung spotted at French Open

On the market so far, 4K and 2K screens exist on mostly tablet, and if you go smaller, the G3 is pretty much the only phone with a 2K display on the market. While both of those products enjoy such a screen, a lot of flagship this year like the HTC One (M8) and the Galaxy S5 still stuck at 1080p (which is already beautiful). Well, apparently, Samsung wants to break the barrier with a 4K display. Now, with the fact that for now, it is still pretty hard to put the 4K display on a 5-inch phone, it is possible with a tablet, and that seems to be exactly what Samsung did with this prototype that was spotted in the French Open.

The bad news is, we do not have that much information on specifications. All we are known so far is that this tablet model has a 12-inch display (obviously) and rocks a Snapdragon 801 SoC, although there were some rumors that Samsung will upgrade to the 805 when this model became public. At of right now, the tablet is only a prototype, but the Qualcomm executive that was present at the event said that this tablet will be a commercialized product by the end of 2014
Although we’ve seen 4K tablet from Panasonic before, it is quite huge, and this is much more mobile for the consumers. So, are you going to get one? Comment bellow!
Source: Tech Radar
Via: Pocketnow


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