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“Exciting” products is coming from Apple

Even though OS X and iOS 8 were very compelling, we sure were all disappointed because of the lack of hardware in WWDC event this year. But, worry not, because it is not all for this year, Apple still has a lot of things to show us, as Tim Cook and Eddy Cue said in Apple new campus in Austin, Texas.

Tim Cook and Eddy Cue were at the campus to celebrate the new Texas headquarter of Apple, and both made a small speech, and the subject varied between Beat audio, new retail Chief, and a recap of WWDC. They also mentioned in the conclusion of the speech, about their excitement over new products that will be introduced this year. They were definitely the iPhone 6, and possibly be the iWatch? For that, we just have to wait and see.


Source: 9to5mac

Via: Pocketnow



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