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New Surface Pro 3 commercial sticks the landing

Although I do like all the old dancing ads for the original Surface Pro and Pro 2, they really did not tell people much about the devices. And the Scroogle campaign launched by Microsoft is just out-right bad. Well, Steve Balmer is a brilliant CEO, but he and his marketing team has made some terrible choice over the past few years. With the new CEO, Satya Nadella, Microsoft and the marketing team is starting to do better at delivering key point to the customer. 

This ad highlight the best quality of the Surface Pro 3, from the improved keyboard, to the display and the ultimate pen that stay connected the display. No more comparisons between this and the iPad (although the one made by David Page is pretty hilarious) or other tablet; without these comparisons, Microsoft able to shows that the Surface Pro 3 is a unique device. 

The landing point is, although it’s not a perfect device, the Surface Pro 3 can replace your tablet, and your laptop. You do thing better, and faster with real desktop program, as well as enjoy some of the tablet functions like playing games, watching movies. 

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Source: YouTube (private)

Via: WPCentral


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