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Overpraising and over-condemning over the Suface Pro 3, none of which is right…

Although it’s a fine device, the Surface Pro 3 has created numerous controversies on the Internet. Those who are praising it right now are on various websites, and without concern about the fact, defend the hell out of it; and then there are those who just fine every small thing to criticize about, and nothing will ever please them. So guess, what, those who are over-protecting your devices and those who are just hate everything are both wrong.

The over-protective parents of the Surface Pro 3

Now, on the surface (pun intended), the device seems to be flawless, the promise that this can be the device that could replace your tablet and laptop is the dream. Because here is the fact, it would cost you more than $2000 to get both a Mac and an iPad. So, the Surface Pro 3, with its 12-inch display and top of the line laptop spec should be perfect right? Well, in theory, yes. In practice, not really.
Why? Well, let’s start with the OS, because it is a big part of the Surface. The whole idea of the Surface built around Windows.

Those who like the comment above, if you agree with the commentator, then just don’t even read this, because the OS that the device is running is crucial to the user experience. Now, it is undeniable that Windows 8 has a lot of problems that people should recognize. A lot of authors out there are getting screamed at just by the fact that they are pointing out legitimate flaws in the platforms. The simple thing like music apps does not run in the background as soon as you switched to a different app, or the fact that it takes 5 million steps just to turn down the brightness of your screen. Or how about the fact that the Control Panel is co-existing with the Windows Setting? It does not make sense, this in many ways, created a lot of confusion on what to do, or where do you go to for any specific setting, and for some reason, Microsoft has not found a way to combine those two setting menus together? Those little things are frankly significant to the user experience, and it should not be ignored. Now, if you still say that the OS is not a crucial part, then you’re either lying to yourself, or just being extremely ignorant, and well, you know what they say about ignorance.
How about the hardware? It is gorgeous by the way, no matter you like it or not, the Surface Pro 3 is one of the most well-built device I’ve seen for a long time. And using it as a laptop is great too, although we all have to admit, there are some trades-off in trying to use a tablet as a laptop. Now, everything is great when you use it on a table, but put on your lap, however, the weight distribution that we all get used to when we use our LAPtop (the keyboard usually heavier than the screen) is now conversed. Well, this is just unfortunate because there is nothing Microsoft can do there, but as they claimed, the new Type cover, with the new click on to the screen-band should resolve the issue, once again, in theory. And I’ll say it again, in practice, the wobbly is the effect  that can’t be fixed (I mean, because obviously from the ad, levitation is not included).

The disappointing child of the laptop and tablet world is Surface Pro 3?

So… For some reason, just because it has an i7 processor, now the Surface have to be able to do everything? No, this is the device for productivity, it is not for gaming, it was never intended to be a gaming device. The problem here is that it can only run on medium? This not the replacement for a hardcore gaming laptop, and those who are thinking like this totally missed the point.

Now, keep surfing the internet, through all the article, or editorial about the Surface Pro, you will meet some question like above. Now, I’m not going to say he is totalling wrong, but rather he missed the point. The Surface created with the main idea around mobility, and the advantage of being able to detach the keyboard, because you don’t always need it. Also, for those, let say bloggers, who need to be in Tradeshow and need a light enough laptop to carry around, but still have enough horse power to edit a hand-on video, or blogging about something new happen. That come in a bundle. And just another thing, if people realized the true value, the price point is not the real problem here. Check out my other editorial as to why the Surface Pro 3 is not that over price.

Bottom line

Is there any platform out there that can be called “A perfect OS or devices?” No, obviously. But the point here is you should be able to accept the fact that your favorite platform has some shortcoming, and if you can put up with that, that is okay, if you don’t well, tell me why? Criticism does not always go with being disliked any particular OS or even company. It just means that, well, you are not suited for that particular device. It is okay to have a different opinion, just don’t go around the Internet and throw BS, bias comments all over the place, because that is just wrong.

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