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64GB Moto X arrives, as try-it-for-a-penny runs out of ticket


Although it has been 9 months since the launch of the Moto X, Motorola is still getting behind it back and gives as much support as possible, even though we heard about the Moto X+1 is in the work. About a month, or two ago, Motorola added new back plate option for the Moto X, allows more customization for the customer, what can they do more to keep the interest in the Moto X you ask?. For awhile now, there have been some rumors about Motorola is adding a 64GB variant for its Moto X line up (beside 16GB and 32GB), and today, that became true as the Motomaker website gives you the 64GB option.

Also, on Friday, Motorola launch a new promotion that will be officially run on today, Monday, called “Try Then Buy.” What Motorola is doing is selling trial ticket for as much as a penny, and you will be allowed make your own customize phone, ship it to your house (and Motorola even generous enough to cover the shipping cost) for you to try it for 2 weeks. After the trying-period, customers have the option of buying it or return it to Motorola. Sound like a sweet deal right? IT sure is because as soon as this thing launches, Motorola had sold out, and removed the offer from the page, there are still chances that the offer will be returned (after Motorola gets some feedback), but as of right now, the train has left the station, and me included, had missed it. Although to be fair, Motorola had warned us that this one would only be available in good “while quantities last.”

The 64 GB option will be $50 more than the 32 GB, available on most of the US carriers, except Verizon.


Source: Motorola

Via: Pocketnow


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