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Kinect gesture-based phone is coming to Microsoft’s flagship Windows Phone

The few weeks, we’ve heard some rumors that Microsoft’s newest Windows Phone flagship after the Nokia acquisition, codenamed “McLaren,” and will be available on three big carriers, those are AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile as soon as this fall. Although we had speculated that with this time frame, it is possible that this will be the successor of the 1020. However, some rumors today are telling us a different story.

Now, this “McLaren”  might still be the 1020 successor, but it is coming with some unique features. Microsoft is trying to cram the new “3D Touch” or “Real Motion,” that has been developed by Nokia for years, to their newest Windows Phone.
As The Verge reported, “eliminating buttons is a key aspect” for this phone. The standout feature of the McLaren will be the sensors on the device that track your hand movement. Microsoft is also programming this technology to be able to detect when the phone is held by the grip, therefore, allowing this technology to enable the phone to “block an orientation switch when you’re lying down in bed.” Also, the side of the phone will also be interacting with the OS, allows you to use the camera with unique gesture like dragging your finger along the side of the phone to zoom. The mentality of removing as much button as possible, Microsoft is planning to remove the power button, and instead, make the phone wake up as the users just simply grip the device to turn it on.

On the other site, WPCentral reported several changes in the US to Windows Phone. A new MixView will be introduces, and it will take advantage of the 3D touch; it allows the users to hover over the live titles, and tap down into the air, without actually touch the device. As this open up other smaller tiles like Facebook, twitter, etc…, you will allow to choose it the way you choose the tiles that combine all of these apps. Reportedly, the concept came from Microsoft’s music app from Windows 7, the Zune MixView feature, with the artists in the center, being surrounded by their content.
As Amazon rumored to do the similar things with its 3D features for its event in Seattle, June 18, and Microsoft will not be the first to bring 3D movement technology to Smartphone. The question that I and other tech site is that whether this is a real differentiator from other platforms, and will it be enough to attract the consumers to Windows Phone? Would you like a 3D movement-based Windows Phone?
Source: WPCentralNeowinThe Verge
Via: Phone Arena

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