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Samsung is the next to jump on the free trial test


Well, the trend free trial from the food court and Costco is finally catching on, it is becoming a hot thing for companies in the phone industry. From Motorola with the limited free trial of the Moto X for only a cent, to the T-mobile with its seven-day network test-drive with an iPhone 5S (which also rumors to get the newest iPhone every year). Now, Samsung is hopping on the free trial trend with its twenty-one-day trial program.

Well, sound pretty sweet? You damn sure it is, not only Samsung offers 21 days of free trial, it also covers a wide range of devices, you are able to try out a Galaxy S5, Note 3 or the Galaxy Gear line. If you want to try out the gear but do not have an S5? Samsung will go as far as letting you take home both devices. Carrier service is also included too, so that you don’t need to worry about adding the loaner to your own account.

Of course, you still have to give your credit card information in case of damages, otherwise, it is completely free. But here is the catch, you have to stop at one of the participating Samsung Galaxy Studio, which are only 5, and they are: Dallas-Fort Worth/Frisco, Houston/The Woodlands, TX; Los Angeles/ Canoga Park, Santa Clara, CA; NY City.

So, If you are living in one of these areas, go and snatch one for yourself for 21 days.

Source: Samsung

Via: Pocketnow



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