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T-mobile 5.0 and the 6.0 Surprise is here


Well, we have come to know the “Uncarier” T-mobile, sometime called the Tmo. So, after wow the US carrier industry with Uncarier 1.0; 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, today, T-mobile introduces two new versions of the carrier for the consumers, with John Legere, as well as revealing something (or not something, oh…) about the Sprint merger. Also reveals the plans for the future.

Today, in Seattle, “T-mobile Transforms the Way Americans Buy Wireless… Again” as they claimed. In the introducing of “Uncarrier 5.0,” John Legere explains about the plans to increase customer satisfaction. Well, the company offers you a test drive for their network. Called “a-7 nights stand,” the carrier will lend you a brand new iPhone 5S, deliver to you if you sign up, and allows you to test for free, 7 days, or a week. After (or on) the 7th day, you will have to walk back to the store and return the phone.

No costs. No risks. No obligation to buy.”

While explaining this, the carrier, or “Uncarrier” if you will, also brags about their strong data network, as well as telling us about the growth of the users based. With the mentality “data-strong,” the company has been, and continues ” to advance the network at an unprecedented, Un-carrier pace, expanding our footprint and adding more and more spectrum to LTE.” While we are talking about that, T-mobile LTE coverage and VoLTE (Voice over LTE) are covering 15 markets in the US right now, and there are plans to expand.

Another announcement is the Uncarrier 6.0. This hit us with surprise as we did not hear about this, ever. What is Uncarrier 6.0? Well, this is an offer from T-mobile, for all the T-mobile users to freely stream music, even if you pass your Data bucket on T-mobile. For now, the six streamers that will be cooperating with this free music service are Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Slacker, and Spotify. For those who are using other streamers, T-mobile opened up a vote for you to vote on which streamer can be the next to join, and to answer if there will be more music services to join, John Legere says that this “Music Freedom” is not an offer, it is a part of T-mobile and will not go away, period; and will continue to expand. Also, partnered with Rhapsody, T-mobile launches the Rhapsody unRadio, the service is free for new T-mobile user, and at a discount price for existing customer. This music streamer offers:

  • Ad-free listening:  While traditional Internet radio interrupts you with ads, with unRadio your music streams ad-free.
  • Unlimited skips:  While traditional Internet radio limits you to six skips per hour, unRadio lets you skip as much as you like.
  • Choose the music you want:  While traditional Internet radio chooses your music for you, unRadio lets you choose your music. When you hear a song you love on unRadio, you can mark it as a favorite and automatically save it for later listening. You can stream these songs on-demand or download them to enjoy anywhere—even without a connection.
  • Create your own stations (or listen to ours): Listen to hundreds of professionally-programmed stations, or create your own stations based on the songs or artists you love.
  • Live streaming radio from your hometown or around the world: unRadio offers live streaming radio from thousands of terrestrial stations in the U.S., including KCRW in Los Angeles, KEXP in Seattle, and Chicago’s WXRT, among others, and from thousands of stations around the world.
  • ID songs anywhere with TrackMatch:  Rhapsody unRadio includes a new feature, TrackMatch, you can use to identify songs you hear while out at a bar, ballgame, party or even on TV, and create stations around these songs or save them as favorites for later listening.

What about expanding this to other media streamer like videos and movies? The company says there are possibilities that they are considering.

On the subject of a merger with Sprint, John Legere did not make any comment, but rather tells us about the plans to extend and accelerate the growth of the company.

While answering the question about the possibility of test driving the network on a different phone beside the 5S, the company response that because Apple is currently the provider of these phones for the test drive, for now, it will be the 5S. But John Legere did not dismiss the idea of other phones.

Lastly, the company reveals the Uncarrier 7.0 is coming late summer.

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