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Fingerprint scanner on the next Galaxy Gear?


Although the fingerprint scanner has existed for the longest time. Its integration into our daily life is still quite slow, but for the past year or two, it’s  coming back. Apple has brought it to the iPhone 5S and possibly the iPhone 6. HTC and Samsung have also made progress in putting the technology into their mobile devices. That is a very big step, but Samsung seems like it wants to go a step further.


With the Smarwatch become one of the hottest mobile devices this year, and when get asked if we will see a fingerprint scanner in its wearable? The Sensor-maker Synatics’ CEO Rick Bergman said “yes,” and can possibly see devices like that’s coming next year. Now, he did not specify which smartwatch or even which company will feature this technology in their wearable, Synaptics is still the main source for Samsung scanner in the Galaxy S5. It would not be such a surprise if Rick Bergman was talking about the next Galaxy Gear from Samsung.


As the fingerprint scanner progress into our daily life, and most recently, we’ve seen PayPal integrated Touch ID into their application login system. Samsung might want their product to be used the same way as Apple’s does.


Source: Korea Herald

Via: Pocketnow



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