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New mid-tier SoC is added to Qualcomm’s line up

Qualcomm not just known for the high-end SoC like the Snapdragon 810, it is also known for the lower end model that are living in almost all well-known mid-range device. From the Lumia 400s, 500s, 600s, 700s and 800s series, to¬†Android devices like the Moto G, HTC Desires and Samsung’s Galaxy Minis. Well, today, Qualcomm […]

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Qualcomm recruited companies to support its Snapdragon 810 publicly

As much as we saw OEMs using Qualcomm’s top of the line source last year, its newest chip is not doing so hot this year. Beside the G Flex 2 from LG, we have heard many times that there are some problems with overheat and overall performance. We also see companies like Samsung and Huawei […]


In the past 2 or 3 years, Qualcomm was the company that is trusted by OEMs with producing reliable processor for your phone. Although there were some emerged, like the Exynos in some of the Samsung phone, or the Nvidia Tegra chips, but none can compete with the giant Qualcomm. And yes, Apple was doing […]