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LG G3 is coming to the US in July?

As the Koreans are enjoying their LG G3 over there, we here in the US are still waiting for a carrier to pick it up. In the report about the G3 in its opening date, we’ve seen that all of the major carriers in the US were looking to pick this up ASAP, and the ETA was in the summer. But where is it now? Well, the phone launch in June, so the earliest we might see it is late June, early July, but the time line expands up to early September.


Fortunately, +@evleaks reported that Verizon plans to allow pre-orders for the G3 on Thursday, July 10th, and the phone will be officially available on July 17th. With this, other carriers might be releasing the G3 at around the same time. However, there are still some questions about pricing in the US. Rumors say that the G3 will be pricing at around $650 off-contract and $200 with a contract, which is a typical price tag for the US carriers, but these price are just rumors, there is not confirmation about the price just yet.



Source: @evleaks

Via: Phone Arena



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