The iPhone 6 hardware picture leaked (again!)

At this rate, it is like there is at least one piece of news about this new iPhone 6 everyday, and frankly, I’m getting tired of it. 2 days ago, I reported on a leaked picture that, supposedly, is the frame of the new iPhone 6. Today, however, we got a picture of the hardware of the iPhone 6. 

These pictures, took by Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin, where he compares the current generation iPhone, the 5S with the supposedly iPhone 6. The problem we have with this unit is that the device is not on, and that makes me and a lot of people out there question about the completion of this device, and is it the real device, because we’ve seen some dummy unit out there, and before the summer, there were even a 3D-printed model of the phone leaked out in the wild. But as we look at the history, apparently, Lin has shared early hardware made by Apple in the past, so this device that we are looking at might just be the real thing. 

Source: Jimmy Lin (Weibo), Macfixit Australia
Via: Pocketnow



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