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Blackberry considers about making a phablet

As much as we (or I) loved Blackberry, the company barely making any phone that available to us anymore. As of right now, Blackberry is still conservative with its form factor, the biggest phone the company has right now is a 5-inch, which for some companies, it’s considering a small phone (Oppo is a good example). Today, we heard John Chen talks about the possibility of Blackberry moving to a different form factor if nessecary.

In an interview with the Jakarta Post, Chen was open about the fact that the market for devices in the size between phones and tablets, a phabet, if you will. He also confirms a probability of releasing a phablet, if the company decides to do “another thing: besides cell phones. He also recognizes that it is long overdue for a tablet at this point, and it is unlikely that the company will release a tablet. He claims that the company “will build what the market wants.”


Source: Jakarta Post

Via: Pocketnow


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