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Intel-powered Samsung smartphone is in the work?


In the past few years, Intel was starting to dip its toe in the Smartphone SoC pool, but never really dive in. Yes, we’ve seen some Intel-powered phone, but it’s never a major OEM, and again, Intel is struggling to find a right spot for its Atom chips to find the right home. Last year, we saw Samsung put the SoC in its Android tablet, but to step it up, Samsung might be planning to release a Smartphone feature an Intel SoC inside.

Rumors out of the South Korean Company that it is working on a phone runs an Intel Atom Z3500 Moorehead chip. The 64-bit chip will be under-clock to 1.7GHz from its max 2.3 GHz. The reason for doing that was to minimize the power consumption. Although this move does not help the performance, if not make it worse, the phone will be sold at lower-end market, even know the chip is capable of being a high-mid range phone in this day and age.

To help this phone become reality, reportedly, Intell agreed to make these chips available to Samsung at a special price. Considering many opponents Intel will have to fight against (Samsung very own Exynos, LG’s Odin, and the big guy Qualcomm), this just might be what it takes for Intel to join the Smartphone industry.


Via: Pocketnow



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