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LG G3 mini might not be so mini after all (no surprise there)

2013 Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Newest Technology

LG-G3-mini-45-inch-screenYou know what, I think my definition of a mini phone is not the same with the smartphone industry anymore… Well, LG certainly disagrees with me. Although there has been no confirmation of a G3 Mini, we’ve heard rumors about multiple variant for the G3. One of them, the D722, supposedly the LG G3 Mini, is reported to have a 4.5-inch display.

The D722 popped up in the Indian import-export database, Zauba, and the reports shows the handset has a display size of 4.5-inch (baby step, I guess, since last, the G2 Mini, is 4.7-inch). Of course, like most of OEMs these day, the Mini will one again cut corner. If Zauba is accurate, the new “mini” phone runs on a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor, features a 5-megapixel rear camera and 8GB of storage; power the phone will be a 2,100mAh battery. Android 4.4 Kitkat (or whatever the version that Google I/O next week) and LTE bandwidth is expected of this phone.

Would you consider 4.5-inch mini?


Source: Zauba

Via: Phone Arena



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