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‘Breakthrough’ phone is on the way, said Microsoft’s marketing chief

screen_shot_2013-12-24_at_10-25-35_amWell,  let’s be honest here, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, while long-anticipated, is less than ideal flagships. More than that, since Panos Panay is taking over the smartphone division, we are also expecting a so-called surface phone to be the next flagship from Microsoft. Well, on Christmas Eve-eve, Microsoft’s Chris Capossela confirms just that.

Chris Capossela joined the Windows Weekly panel last week to have a discussion about Microsoft’s new direction under the guidance of Satya Nadella. Unsurprisingly, the conversation came around to Windows Mobile. Mary Jo Foley, who has covered Microsoft for a long time, and a current Windows Phone user, express her disappointment toward the platform and is considering to switch platform. In an effort to excite the panel, the Chief Marketing of Microsoft reveals that the company is working on a “breakthrough” device with “spiritual equivalent” of the Surface Pro tablets. Now, notice that he did not confirm a Surface Phone per se. But it is clear that a change in design is coming to the Mobile lineup, with or without the Lumia name.

Capossela also commented on the software side of the platform. Like many other from Microsoft, he admits that the app gap (as well as the lack of mainstream messenger apps like Snapchat) will still be the main obstacle for the platform to grow, and reiterate that Universal Windows Platform is the way to fix it.

“The more we get a big install base for Windows 10, the better off our phone is… getting 110 million people to upgrade in the first 10 weeks… and in the New Year we’ll probably have more to share on the latest numbers… Just getting the install base to be really large is so critical to getting back to writing windows apps, and it’s really our best shot at phone apps… That is the strategy to getting our developers back in the fold” – Windows Weekly, Chris Capossela.

Source: Twit Network’s Windows Weekly

Via: Neowin



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