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Hope for 2014 smartphone!!!!

Well, as 2014 is just around the corner, I would like to express some hope that I have for smartphone in the year of 2014, let’s start



In the year of 2013, we have not seen any major improvement in battery life in Smartphone, and this is really a tipping point for me. With all the rumors that manufacture focusing on bringing 2K screens into a Smartphone, battery is still a struggle for a lot of the Smartphone, imagine if we keep on with the battery this year on a 2k display, phones will drain battery drastically, not even pass one day of usages. So, in 2014, manufacture better step up their game on battery life if they want to put more function in their product.

Innovation in the build quality

This year, Samsung and LG amazed us with the introduction of curve display, especially LG with their LG G Flex (God, that name is awful), because they took advantage of the flexible display, and created the FLEXIBLE phone (yea, like literally). Also, they have a special coding in the back that can “self-healing”, in other words, it could heal it self from scratches. The team Pocketnow (NO, they are not paying to mention them on my blog) made a fantastic video on how this coding apply to real world situation. Back to the main idea, this type of coding, new way of building phone like flexible screen (and did I mention LG make a curve battery for this phone?) and the durablity of their products is what OEMs should and I hope WILL be what they are working on for next year smartphones.

Other new platform

THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!! (We think…)
Competition is always good in the technology world, that is why I, a lot of time, root for underdog platform. 2014 should be the year where new operating system emerging into the phone market, because competition not just allow consumers to have a lot of options in buying a cellular smartphones, but also force big OS like Android and iOS to step up their game, and bring more innovation in their product. Not just for new platform, but also the year for already exist platform to grow like Windows Phone 8 and Firefox OS.




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