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iPhone 6 might get OIS in the camera

There is no doubt that iPhone has one of the most user friendly view finder for a camera out of all the manufacture company, it is easy to control, and not too complex so that you don’t know how to use it. Well, Apple is planning to make their camera become better, but not by pumping up the resolution of the camera like some rumor says, they are actually working on implementing OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) into their camera because  Apple just patent app reveals the work on OIS for their camera.

Apple is never really too bothering with their megapixel count, and that is understandable since 8 megapixels is still a standard on Smartphones, and plus, the camera is already performing well. But to make things better, they could actually apply OIS, the technology we see a lot in 2013 productlike the Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 928, 1020; LG G2 are some of the examples. And this technology should, in theory, improve the auto focus for the iPhone.

Now, before you get excited, there is a possibility that this patent file is just a coincident. Why? Because when Apple filed the application in 2012, a few weeks before iPhone 5 launched, and it appears again because of the whims of the USPTO. In addition to that, Apple does not make its own camera, Sony is actually the one who makes it for them.

But worry not, because there is still a chance that the OIS will be implemented by Apple in the manufacture process. Or, at least, Apple is showing some effort in improving their camera. And remember, we are talking in the speculation zone, there is no real reliable hardware leak yet. And the system that has been describe in this patent sound great, like the fact that it use a voice coil to control dual auto focus.


One reply on “iPhone 6 might get OIS in the camera”

[…] Well, to be fair to Apple, the reason why they don’t have it on their current phone, is because the camera already doing a great job with taking photos. But that does not mean that is doesn’t need to improve, especially when the competition like Nokia, LG, HTC, all have better quality. And let remember, the Nokia 920 Stabilization is now open to everyone, so why doesn’t Apple take advantage of that, and use that technology for their own camera, and just to refresh your memory, the 920 takes AMAZING (say it with the high pitched voice please) photos. This can improve their image quality even further, and also help them in the competition against other company. Also, here is some good news, in January, Apple had just patented app reveals the work on OIS for their camera. […]



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