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Microsoft declares that Windows Phone beat iPhone sales in 24 markets, Good sign?

For years now, Windows Phone has been trying to get its sales to go up in the market with varieties of Smartphones choice and price range, and now, their work might have just paid up when Microsoft claims that they had beat Apple and their iPhone sales in 24 different market, which is a positive thing, right?

Well… Yes and maybe no (depend on how you see this situation).


God, it is about time that the Windows Phone shows some domination over the competition, this can see as a very positive sign for the platform, as well as Microsoft. The sales number can also prove to those who were saying that the Windows Phone platform will die after just a year or two without even put up a fight to its competitors (iOS and Android), it’s totally inaccurate.

But… Where?

Yep, there is the real question, these 24 markets are including Italy, Finland, Poland, India, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and Nigeria. Which most of them qualify as an emerging market. This makes Microsoft’s announcement become a bit less exciting. We all know why Windows Phone  is popular in Finland (cough Nokia), but its popularity in markets like India and Africa is mainly due to the fact that iPhone there can cost 6 times more than a Nokia Lumia 520.

But hey!!!

We are (or at least, I am) still glad that Microsoft is sticking its sword up in the fight. This list also proves that Microsoft has appeal in some market, and maybe Microsoft should pull its focus to those regions. And let’s hope that by starting from the bottom, they can come out at the top.
Source: BGRGoogleGlobalwebinex
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