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Galaxy Alpha shows its metal trim on pictures


Hey, where is the metallic-Samsung phone? What happen to the Galaxy F? Did all the rumors just die out? Psych! Even know the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A is the highest-end phone from Samsung right now, that does not mean Samsung runs out of tricks. Remembers the Galaxy F with a metal trim phone? Well, just when we thought the rumors would die out, it rises again, and this time, with pictures, and more information about the device itself, like its new name, the Galaxy Alpha.

Now, there are two sources that we’ve gathered the information from for this one device, one is the LTE-A edition, while the other one is the powered off one (as you can see in the picture, the one with all the markings). Now, as we can see, although both of these phones are metal trim, they also bear the old plastic backplate. Also, one of the source mentions that this device has the same screen as the Galaxy S3, so presumably, it is a 720p display. As you can see in one of the pictures compare the handset with the Galaxy S5 suggests a 4.7-inch display. Some of the new changes-beside the metal trim- is the position of the flash and heart rate monitor, from bellow the camera to its right side. One thing worth noticing is that in the picture that reveals the removable battery door, we see the absence of a Micro SD card slot, which means users will be stuck with 32 internal memory.

Beside that, we don’t know much about the specification, like what SoC it runs on, RAM amount, is it a high-end or a mid-ranger? Right now, the big picture of the phone is still quite blurry, but stay tune as one-time will do its best to deliver you the newest information as soon as possible.

galaxy-alpha-2 galaxy-alpha-3

Source: SamMobile, Tinh Te

Via: Pocketnow



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