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The unlocking smartphone bill passes the House of Congress


Verizon.Sprint.ATT_.That-Is-All.For those who don’t know, unlocking under an exemption to DMCA was legal. That is, until the Library of Congress did not renew the Act when necessary, and consumer stuck with being unable to unlock their phone. Well, in the good news today (beside the fact that US congress actually passed a bill), U.S Congress has passed the unlocking smartphone bill, also known as the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act. The previous version of the bill has already gone through the Senate, and now it has passed the House.

With progress like this, it will soon be a low if and when the President of the United State sign the bill into law. When that is done, the law will re-activate the old DMCA exemption for mobile devices, and also propel the Library of Congress to take this into evaluation for other cellular devices, like tablets.

Now, this does not mean a free for all, you still have to finish your contract if you have signed one or pay your ETF before the carriers urged to unlock your mobile handset. However, with this new law, which will expected to become law before the end of this year, the consumer right is clearly established, allow users to unlock their own phone or do it via a third party on their behalf without any legal ramifications.



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