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12.2-inch iPad hardware leaked

ipad-air-plus-leakSince the summer, we were already starting to speculate about a 12-inch iPad. While in the recent announcement of the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 3 did not mention anything about such a tablet, rumors never died out. We heard numerous screen size in the 12-inch range and the kind of OS that the tablet will run. Today, we got new rumors about the tablet, as well as its name.

According to the source, the new tablet will be called the iPad Air Plus-which as you can imagine, was inspired by the iPhone 6 Plus- but the name is yet to be confirmed.

As of the tablet itself, it’s clear that we will be getting a larger and thicker tablet, with the dimension of 305.31 x 220.8 x 7 millimeters. In comparison, the iPad Air 2 is 240mm long, 169.5mm wide and 6.1mm thick. The source also indicates that this tablet will runs Apple’s new A9 chip, which was to be expected in the iPhone 6S(Plus) and the iPad Air 3. The diagram of the iPad reveals four speakers are built into the tablet at the top and bottom frame of the device.

As for the release date, for right now, the source can only narrowed it to the second quarter of next year, and accompany the tablet will be the iPad Mini 4, which we know nothing about except for the fact that it will featured the A8X processor.

Source: MacoTakara

Via: BGR; Pocketnow



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