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Oxygen OS to come to OnePlus’s devices

oneplus-oxygenosWhile enjoying their fair share of success, Cyanogen and OnePlus have never seen eye to eye on just about anything. The one perfect example would be to the controversial contest launch by OnePlus, which to many, including Cyanogen Inc, is considered to be quite sexist. There is also the story of Cyanogen is no longer exclusive to OnePlus, on the company part to go and support MicroMax with their new product in India. Well, OnePlus has to stride on their own now, and their newest Android skin, the Oxygen OS, will be what featured on their next hardware.

Planned to be introduced on Febuary 12, the company will be replacing Cyanogen ROM with this OS. The name was meant to indicate the simplicity yet powerful role Oxygen plays in our daily life. The company said that is ROM will uphold the concept of “Never Settle,” and will bring the best using experience to its customers.

While we do not have any more information, the ROM looks quite promising, let’s wait and see what the company can deliver.

Source: OnePlus



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