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Apple announces official launch date for the new Apple Watch

apple-watch-storeWell. Apple has “one more thing” to show you beside the introduction of the incredibly thin MacBook. After months of rumors about the launch date, we finally have the official release date of Apple’s first ever smartwatch. Along with some other information that we haven’t received from last year.

Now, one of the thing everyone was concerned about is the battery life. With the likes of Pebble, who offers a week of battery for its smartwatch, Apple gives you a whole 18-hours with average usage. The smartwatch will be starting to sell on April 24, after the release of iOS 8.2, which is heading out today.

Next stop is the price, and with the reputation of being incredibly expensive, Apple lived up to its expectation (not that it’s a good thing). The base model, the Apple Watch Sport will be starting at $350 for the 38mm version; the 42mm Apple Watch sport will be sold at $400. The Apple Watch steel has price ranged from $550 to $1100. The most expensive one, the Apple Watch Edition, starting at $5000 and goes as high as $17,000.

Pre-orders will be starting on April 10. Raise your hand if you are getting one?

Source: Apple

Via: Pocketnow


One reply on “Apple announces official launch date for the new Apple Watch”

[…] The same dance goes around every time Apple announces something new, and there is a good reason for that. I mean, after all, the original iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry; the iPad, certainly not the first of its kind, reinvented the platform. Even the recent Apple Pay has been so well received just because of how simple it is. People started to care about phablet-sized device because of the iPhone 6 Plus. See where I’m going with this? Everything new things in the smartphone industry, for the past few years, have almost never been able to success without Apple legitimizes it. Well, it seems like Apple is doing it again with the Apple Watch, which has its official launch date today. […]



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