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T-Mobile’s Data Stash is now available for prepaid customers

837T MobileDespite a lot of good deeds that T-Mobile has done over the years, its Data Stash program has received some criticism. Many were saying that if consumers were T-Mobile’s priority, the plan should have available for prepaid plan, which makes the most sense. Well, after seeing AT&T beat to the punch with “Roll Over Data” for both postpaid and prepaid plans, T-Mobile now launches the Data Stash for prepaid customer.

States on the carrier’s latest blog post, starting March 22nd, the “Data Stash will start rolling out to Simple Choice prepaid customers.” Added:

Just three months ago, we shook up the industry again with Un-carrier 8.0 – Data Stash™ − another first-of-its-kind Un-carrier move. With Data Stash, your unused 4G LTE data rolls forward so you can use it up to a full year later. Our customers are already loving Data Stash. In fact, 27% of T-Mobile customers with a Data Stash have already dipped into their stash, just a few months in!”

In response to AT&T’s Data Rollover and Verizon’s “We lead, not follow” statement, CMO Android Sherrard has this to say:

“But, Andrew,” you say, “AT&T responded with Data Rollover.” I’m looking for a serious response. AT&T’s Data Rollover means they wait an extra 30 days to repossess your data. That is not a serious response − no matter how many billions they spend on TV ads about it.

And Verizon? Verizon actually said they won’t do what customers want because − to quote their CFO − “We are a leader, not a follower.”  So they’re basically going to ignore their customers, fairness and common sense out of corporate pride? I think Verizon has, remarkably, reached a new level of arrogance.

It is also worth noticing is the company just sent out an invitation for Wednesday in New York City. What do you expect Un-carrier 9.0 will be? Or rather, what do you want Un-carrier 9.0 to be?

Source: T-Mobile

Via: Phone Arena



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