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Biometric authentication is coming to Windows 10

Hello WindowsWell, even know Windows 10 technical preview is out for awhile, the operating system is still in its very early stage, and there is always room for improvement. With iOS and Android both have some kind of biometric security system, it’s time for Microsoft to have one. Today, the company announces the newest feature for Windows 10, Windows Hello.

Unlike others, Windows Hello brings support to all biometric authentication systems, from fingerprint, iris scanner to facial recognition camera. Best of all, this will be available on all Windows platforms, desktop and smartphones. Keep in mind that while those of you who already have a fingerprint scanner can take advantage of this feature, an iris/facial-recognition camera might require different hardware that will be a part of the new Windows hardware line. These restrictions are because of the requirement for the software to be able to separate picture copy from real face.

Further than that, Microsoft includes a new system called Passport, allows developers to offer secure login services in their application and/or website. The intention is to be able to remove the requirement to share full passwords with multiple services. This will deny the risk of the users’ information and password to be compromised on the web, even if the website is cracked.

Another thing, all of these new  features are not forced, but it depends on your preferred reference. This new security system is allowing you to keep your information locally, which means that password is no longer a thing to be worried about.

Any of these new features gets you excited for Windows 10?

Source: Microsoft

Via: Pocketnow



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