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LG teases UX 4.0 to debut on the upcoming LG G4

lg-ux-4Still waiting for the LG G4, so am I, but in the meantime, we still have to wait. Luckily, unlike other companies who like to hide the surprise. From various announcement, we learned that the G4 is featuring the company’s new QHD display. On the software side, LG has a video not just to tease us, but gives us an early preview of what is coming on to the next iteration of the LG G3. This video contains LG’s newest skin that will be running on top of Android Lollipop and operates its devices.

The video starts with a review of the older UX version, from the original all the way to UX 3.0. After that, the video reveals the UX 4.0. The skin appears to have been refresh with a newer look. Some redesign work has been done for the gallery, calendar apps, as well as ringtone controls. In addition, there are new camera options as well as a new shortcut to access the camera.

LG’s preparing for a launch event on April 28th, which we assumed is about the G4. But more than that, LG is bringing changes to its software, that in the past (LG GFlex 2) has been criticized for its sluggishness. Let’s wait and see what we are getting.

Source: LG (YouTube)

Via: Pocketnow



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