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Windows 10 build 12544 leaked on video

windows10-logo-100466239-largeHey, remember a few weeks ago when Microsoft released the latest software for the Windows 10 Insider Preview version? Yes, we felt great for two week, thinking that we have the latest update. But apparently not. Today, a build leaked on video with the name 12544, and beside the significant jump in number, we also see some major changes, demonstrated in the video here.

Starting with the UI, a new addition has been added to the Background transparency of the Start screen. There will now be a slider for users to control the level of transparency to combat with background picture that is either too stale or too saturated. Accompanies with that is also a boatload of accent colors, which appears to have some new addition.

We also see some app update, notably the camera app Lumia Camera 5.5. Older hardware like the Lumia 1020 has been struggling to launch its camera app in a timely fashion. Well, in this video the app runs on the Lumia 1020 very smooth and startup much faster than it current state. Other apps are also in the work, like Word and OneNote. The Store has also gone to Beta mode for some unknown reason.

Source: WPXAP

Via: Pocketnow



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