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How Windows Phone could be better in 2014

It’s been more than a year since Microsoft released Windows Phone 8, and although it’s has improved in market share (3.4% world wide according to the last report). But what will really help Windows Phone move further in 2014? Here is my ideas of how it can improve.


Problem for all new and emerging platform, and Windows Phone is no exception. Although big titles is coming to Windows Store like Vine and Instagram (In BETA) there is still a lot of apps that Windows Phone need to covered like Official Snapchat Apps (Honestly, it is just for the reputation, I doubt anyone will live 6snap) Google’s apps like YouTube, Hangout, Google+, Google Drive. And not only that big company, developer, title have to come, Windows Phone also need small independent developer to step in, create some good apps to make a varieties of selection, and add more value to the store.

                                                                   Active from OEMs

As we see in 2013, Nokia is really the only company dominating Windows Phone market shares, and that might sound good for Nokia, it is not good enough for Windows Phone platform as a whole. And now with GDR 3 update, what would stop Samsung make a Windows Phone variant of the Samsung Galaxy S series or HTC one variants running Windows Phone OS. Also, Microsoft should attract more company into making Windows Phone like Sony, LG, etc… More Windows Phone in the market created more option and varieties for consumer to chose from.

Refresh in UI and addition feature

It is over a year now, and Windows Phone UI is starting to become a little bit boring and out dated compare to iOS 7 and Android 4.4 Kit kat. It need a refresh, and I do not mean get rig of Metro UI (or live tiles, whatever you want to call it), it need something new, like different kind of tiles, color option, etc.. Next, it need some update for its feature, like for example, the People hub, the feature was great when the OS first came out, but over the year, Twitter and Facebook updated, and the people hub still remains the same, and not update correctly or in time manner. Moreover, Windows phone need some sort of notification center. Now, some might argue that with live tiles, it doesn’t need a notification center, but it does, because tiles do not show you preview of the content it notify you there is new content. Also, the notification can help you access some setting more quickly like WIFI, Airplane mode without have to go to the setting and looking for it. Last but not least, Windows Phone need a good voice interface interaction. Apple has Siri, Android has Google Now, and Windows Phone currently has just a normal voice interface that really does not work well. But the good thing is that there is rumor about a new Voice system called  Cortana (If you play Halo, you’ll recognize the name), and it should work like Siri and Android of not better, but that is just in theory.
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