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Time to consider a Windows Phone?

In October 29th 2012, Microsoft unveiled the new mobile operation system called Windows Phone 8 (an major update from Windows Phone 7) and since this OS came out, the sales had not take off that much, and most people don’t even consider a Windows Phone whenever they buy a new phone, like ever. But now, as the OS has been in the market for over a year, should you consider a Windows Phone for yourself, here is some reason that you should.


Now, a lot of time, people hesitate to get a Windows Phone is because of the apps situation. We all know that Windows Phone has a reputation of fewer apps than Android and iOS. BUT, after a year since the day it reviled, The apps situation has became much better. Now, with more than 160,000 apps, it’s “more likely than ever, that you could find your app that you are usually use in iOS and Android. Not just that, IF you are using a Nokia Windows Phone, Nokia have their own apps to improves the user experiences. Also, big tiles like Vines, Spotify, Instagram, etc… is rolling in the Windows Apps Store. Also, Third party tiles like 6snap for snapchat, MetroTube and MyTube for YouTune is, in MY PERSONAL OPINION, is better than any official apps that I ever used.
Honestly, I like this back better than the Glossy on the S3 and S4

Phone Quality:

This would probably go more for “Nokia phone quality” since the Windows Phone sales is mostly on Nokia’s phones. But either way, Windows Phone OS is known for it’s fluidity, run smoothly on almost any hardware. Of course, some phone like Samsung Ativ S Neo and HTC 8XT have some bad experience, but that might be that the OS have a special case with the 1.4 GHz MSM8930 Dual core. But most of Windows Phone has ever built had recived a lot of positive review on the quality in software and hardware. Also, a lot of new innovation in this year, the year of 2013 came from Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 1020 with the 41 megapixels camera is one example (or the ONLY examples is what some might says).



Financially, Windows Phone market can be the cheapest out of the 3 options you can have the US right now (just to refresh your memory, they are iOS, Android and Windows Phone). For starter, you can get the Lumia 520 right now in at&t for around 55 dollars (of course, there are some short coming). The Lumia 920 if you get it unlock it is 299.99$. and the beast, Lumia 1520 (by far the best Windows phone spec wise) unlock for 584.99$, relatively cheap for a phone with SnapDragon 800 compare to it’s competitor like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (724$) .

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Bottom Line:

Is Windows Phone is the best phone operating system right now, NO (and according to some android fan, and I quoted: “Not even close”), but it has the potential to be one of the largely growth OS. So, with all the potential it have now, I believe it is a good time to give Windows Phone a chance the next time you shop for a phone.

Via: Pocketnow



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