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Time for wearable gadget in 2014?

Time for wearable gadget in 2014?

In 2013, the explosion of wearable technology has become dominated than its smartphones companion and more company like Apple is rumor to developing an iWatch for itself. Let check out some potential company that will make promising smart watch for 2014


The rumor of the iWatch is gradually increasing as 2014 was approaching, especially when they recruited Ben Shaffer, the designer of Nike’s FuelBand. Also, there were some rumor of that Apple acquired flexible display technology to make the watch screen wrap around our wrist. Also, there was a lot of other rumors saying that another design was the same design as the iPod Nano. If anyone cam makes smartwatch the right way, it’s would be Apple.


In 2013, Google released Google glasses, a wearable technology that has a lot of potential in it, IF the price weren’t so high, at a 1000$, also, the product is in Beta. But, as one of the first rumor in 2014 says, Google will down price the Google glasses. Also, in 2013, Google acquired WIMM, a smart watch company. This raised a suspicion that Google is building its own smart watch running android. This can be the combination of wearable technology in 2014 for Google.


Samsung dominated the wearable technology world with the Samsung galaxy gear, a smart watch, a companion with Samsung Galaxy smartphones series running Android 4.3 and above. The galaxy gear is one of the high end premium smart watch on the market. With the first generation as a test, there is no doubt that Samsung will release another generation of smart watch. Also, with the brand “Galaxy Gear,” it is an open field for Samsung to invest in other wearable technology.


Got over shadowed by Samsung and its Galaxy Gear, no one notices that Sony is making its own smart watch in 2013, and it is actually a very good and cheaper device than the Galaxy gear, yet according to CNET, it is “more capable.” The function of the smart watch is like the Gear, you can see the notification, Gmail, and call info in real time. Although it’s has no iOS support just like the Gear, but it’s also usable on other than Sony device. In this year, once again, there is no question that Sony will develop more Smartwatch to compete with Samsung.


One of the most praised Smart Watch in 2013 is Pebble, the first smart watch in 2013, and as the time being, one of the best Smartwatch in the market right now. Not only it  works with any Android device, but it also works with iOS devices. It has more apps on a smart watch than any other in the market right now. it is also one of the most affordable in the market right now at 150$. It is easily one of the best in 2013. Now, I know that the company says that it will not make any more product for another year or 2, but with the competition is growing, Pebble might just put the next generation of its smart watch a little bit earlier.
What did I missed, comment bellow!!!!


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