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Standby listening is the future?

Well, when Motorola launched Moto X, they make the tech world and tech enthusiasts like me about the “Touchless Control”: the ability that let user control the handset using voice commands even when the phone was in standby mode.

“Jarvis, call Pepper”

Well, this is not a new idea, we have computer with voice interact, television with the same feature, and lets not forget Microsoft’s very own Xbox One, with pretty much the same features. Now, I know what you are thinking, a phone or device that always listens to you is a pretty creepy idea, especially when we have the NSA always listening to us and have all of our contact information. But let step back one step and think about it, would it be amazing just tell your phone to unlock and it will unlock itself? I’m sure that the producer of Iron Men does not just come up with Jarvis, the perfect voice interface that Tony Stark created for his Iron suit, his smartphones and his house. The Moto X re-represent Jarvis at some degree with Google Now.

Ok, fair idea, but what processor can do it? Well, with the Moto X, it needs 2 CPU to operate even when it is on standby. A Motorola X8 Mobile Computing system and Software optimized Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro. But now, with the new Snapdragon 800, and there is one of the chip called Hexagon DSP is the   part of the chip ability of the chip to enter the voice command by a special low power mode when the phone is in standby. So, in theory, this chip can do exactly what the Moto X do, or in the least, function in a similar way. Heck, it could even do better, right?

Well, yes, in theory, but we haven’t see any real life example yet. I mean, the Nexus 5 and LG G2 can responsd to you, but only when it’s on, not when it is in standby mode. But, it’s has the potential to be what Moto X can be. So, let’s wait and see, we could get a new device with Touchless control, maybe at CES, MWC, etc… OR, you and I could just get a Moto X right now.

Picture Source: Google 



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