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2K phones, is it nessecary?

2K phones, is it nessecary?

Before 2014 came, we heard a lot about companies trying to put a 2K screen on to a smart phone, and in fact, Oppo and Vivo is already officially working on their very own 2K display phone. So, would that be a bad thing?


Well, let’s get to know the language here, when you see a phone advertise “1080p” screen, it’s usually meant that the phone has a resolution of 1920 (down) *1080 (across). Before we talk about good and bad, we have to know what 2K or 4K display is. Now, we all know k stand for thousand so I am not going to get to that, but what do they mean when you say “That screen I’m looking at have a 4K display.”? Well, 4K is a resolution of the screen measure by pixels, so yes, 4K screen is the a screen that has approximately 4000 pixels. The resolution is around 2000 (down) *4000 (across). So, 2K screen is a similar logic, it’s a screen with just around 2000 pixels and a resolution usually at 1080 (down) * 2040 (across).

Quick note: I say usually because there is actually a lot of different resolution for 2K and 4K screen.

Good factors 🙂

Now, of course there is the obvious fact that it looks better, the image looks sharper because there is more pixels for you to look at. Also, when you are looking 2K display, it is nearly impossible for you to find any pixels on your screen. And also… No, that is about it.

 Is it necessary?

Ok, for starter, a lot of smart phones in the year of 2013 has a 1080p display, which has a resolution of 1920*1080, so, with that, is 1080p is already close enough to a 2K display? Next, a 2K display screen requires more power to light up more pixels, and as we speak, OEMs still have trouble in battery life for their products. So, should they just improve 1080p display and the battery life instead of focusing on unnecessary gimmicks? In my own opinion, No. Last but not least, and this can be a deal breaker for some, a 2K display on a cell phone can make its price go up too high at the time when pricing on smart phones is corrupted by OEMs overprice their product.

Bottom line

Don’t get me wrong, I like new technology and the improvement on them, but it need to make sense. There would be no argument from me if they have a 2K display on a tablet or laptop even. But this is smart phones we are talking about, at 4-6 inch screen in 1080p, it is already impossible to find a single pixel on it. So, with too many negative factors, I can’t, at the time, believe this idea can work at the time being. But, if OEMs can solve all the problems I addressed above, I would be happy to support the idea.
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