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What Windows Phone need now? A smaller 1520, of course

We all have heard of the Lumia 1520, the first and only phablet for the Windows Phone platform at the moment, but if you are anything like me, carry a 6 inches phone is a pain in the neck. I mean, it can barely fit in my pocket, and it is pretty hard to sit down with it in your pocket since it stabs you every time you sit down, and so hard to get it out of the pocket too. And it seems like Nokia sees that.

As of today, we heard of a rumor of a smaller 1520 code named Lumia 1520 V, I’m certain that this will not be the real name of the phone. And before you say it is the Lumia Icon’s international version, it is… Well, we do not sure what it is. I mean, from the source, its spec, which is pretty much a 1520 with a 4.3 inch screen (1080p display), is conflict with what we already know of the Icon, which is bigger (around 5 inches). Also, this Lumia 1520V will also pack a 3000mAh power battery, 2Gb of RAM, the Snapdragon 800, and the 20 megapixels camera.

Now, forgive me for saying this, because it might just ruin your excitement, although this phone may seem to be very compelling, the rumor is yet to be verified, and beside this one leak, there is no other leaks indicate this is true as well, plus, you can see that it is running a third row tiles, which is uncommon for a 4.3 inches Windows Phone. And in addition to that, this phone sound too good to be true (but that is not really a strong point to be honest). But hey, the technology is a very evolving world. And so, if Sony can make a smaller of its flagship right, then Nokia can too.

Source: WPBar
Via: +Pocketnow (Goole Plus)



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