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Nokia Normandy Leaks: attempt to introduce Windows UI in Android?

Nokia has been in the news recently with their rumors of an Android Phone runs on a what look like to be a heavily skinsed of Nokia. Now we are (or at the least, I am) not sure what operating system, it’s running on, a lot of rumors suggests that it is running on Android, but we can’t be certain, this is all just speculation, but as the picture shows, you can clearly see that it looks an awful lot like Windows Phone UI, a flat out tile system. Which leads me to some speculation. Now, this is just my own speculation based my knowledges of Microsoft and Nokia. Some of this might be wrong, but hey, anything could happen, so let’s dive in.

Window Phone 8 RT…?

Ok, some will says this is just a joke, and maybe it is, but I hope that will not be the case because that is a horrible idea. Now, we all know that Microsoft made a different version of full Windows 8, and called it RT for the tablet market (which we all know how that turned out), and maybe this is another RT version??? I don’t know, but it is possible since obviously Microsoft had been throwing money out of the “Windows” (get it?) and they might just do it again. Why do I make this speculation? It is because of the fact that Nokia was just bought out by Microsoft in the end of last year, so, it is lest likely that Nokia will have other device rather than Windows Phone OS devices.

Nokia Asha OS…, Symbian renews?

Ok, this is another possibility that we could consider into the factor. Now, as I mentioned above, since the Microsoft acquisition of the Nokia devices’ department (which mean that is including the Asha line), maybe nokia is unifying its look for the new boss? Maybe, but we can’t be certain, and I’ll tell you why:

Android OS with Nokia’s skin/custumization.

Now, this is what the rumors were pointing to rather than my own speculation that it is a Windows Phone RT or different OS that Nokia make for this device, because as we can see, it has a notification center, and some Android app like the BBM apps or Plant vs Zombie and Hill Climb Racing (the last 2 apps are now available on Windows Store). Also, you now might have notice the notification center (the features that I am begging to be available on Windows Phone 8), which, as far as I know, does not include in Asha phones or Windows Phone devices. The Nokia Normandy could be another Amazon Kindle build alike or a straight up android skin. Either way, even if this phone really runs on Android, Nokia will more likely to actually present it as an Asha OS or something like that rather than saying it’s an Android phone. In addition, I am not positive that the devices department that Microsoft just acquired, building this, so, if it is a different department that is making an Android Phone, this could be a very captivating device.
Ok, the last thing I want to point out in this photo leak that the date is Tuesday the 25th, most likely on Febuary, which is the second day of MWC, so that might be the day we sill see the release of the devices. Also, since we see on the top that it is dual-Sims, this phone might not available for US carrier.
Picture sources: +@evleaks


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