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Samsung Galaxy 5S wishlist


Although I mainly use Windows Phone, I always enjoyed using Samsung devices, like the Galaxy S4 or the Note 3. Now, as the devices is heavily rumored on all the tech website, here is my wishlist based on all the leaks that is released so far

A new user interfaced

ImageAs we saw at CES 2014, Samsung has killed the Touch Wiz UI and replaced it with a lighter, and more fluent UI called Magazine. Now, with that, included all the new leaks, we can assure that Samsung will make changes on their Smartphones UI, consider how the old Smartphones UI, Touch Wiz, has brought them a lot of problems, like stuttering, lag, and overall, an inefficient experience. Now, it seems like Samsung has found a way to have a lighter UI to accomentdate all the features that Samsung included in their products in their Tablet line, let’s hope they will do the same for their Smartphones line up, which I can guarantee you that there will be a change. I would not know it is better or worse, but since Samsung made the Note tablet lineup at CES was so fluent (according to various sites reported), I can see that they will do the same thing for the Galaxy S5.

Iris or Finger Scanner

I’m a security freak, and I do care a lot about my phone security since I put a lot of my information on my Smartphones. And Imagealthough iOS 7 is great, I do enjoy using it so iPhone 5s is out of my target. But I rather enjoy Android, and I do wish there were more security  on our Smarphones since now a day it is such a massive part of our lives. Luckily for me and anyone, like me, there was a rumor that indicates Samsung will implement an iris scanner on the new Galaxy S5. Now, there is a thing, Samsung would have to make sure it work well. I mean, if you can’t turn on your phone in the dark with the Iris scanner, there is a problem. Imagine you just wake up in the middle of the night and try to turn on your phone, god, that would be awful.

Optical Image Stablelization

ImageOkay, for this part, this is just my personal opinion, this is not based on any leak or rumor. In fact, there are rumors going against this idea, saying that the S5 will not have OIS. But, I just wish that they will include it. Why you ask? Well, if you’re anything like me, you take a lot of pictures, and although Samsung did a decent job, OIS is still needed on this phone. I mean, as the competition is improving over the year, there is no doubt Samsung will fall behind if they don’t soon implant OIS in their camera, because not just me, I know that now a lot of people out there are taking millions of photos with their Smartphones, and Samsung will pay the price if they won’t start focusing on their camera and just put on a bunch of useless features on their phone, they will fall behind the competition.


ImageThe 1000 year problem for the Galaxy S line up since the first times Samsung announced it. I can assure you that the galaxy, although has a 2600 mAh power battery, I never can go through a day without charge the phone at least twice per day. And not just me, if you’ve seen reports from other tech sites, you will see that Samsung really has problem with their battery. I mean, not like me, but their battery is never last them a day too. So, with the new rumor that Samsung will have a 2900 mAh power battery, a significant 300 mAh bump, so that is a good sign.

Build quality, looks and materials

ImageSo, we see at CES that Samsung has put leather on the Galaxy Tab line up. What this means to me is that there is a possibility that Samsung will have the leather back on their new Galaxy S5 too. And it is not only the back of the phone that I worry about, “I  have a dream” (#MLK day) that Samsung will use real metallic trim around their phones rather than use the cheap, plastic, fake metalic trimb. It is just my opinion but I honestly think that when you buy a phone worth like 500$ and above, you should feel the premium quality, not plastic cheap. It also make it feel more subtancial in the hand. That is what I always praised Apple for, although their phones are very fragile, they know how to make it looks subtaincial and premium at the same times. In addtion to that, if, in anyway, Samsung can make it water proof wothout make another version of its, that would be awesome.

Standby response, AKA Touchless control

Another think I wish will include in the Galaxy S5, but it is unlikely will be since there is no rumors of that. But, look at the spec, there is no way the Galaxy S5 will use anything less then the Snapdragon 800, which is more than capable of doing this. We saw Moto X done it with the less powerful hardware, so it would be a smart thing to take advantage of the new hardware. A lot of phones like the Nexus5 and the LG G2 take advantage of it but not to the fullest, they were able to control the phone if it’s on, but not when it is in standby mode. So, I would be the first one to stand in line and get this phone if Samsung able to do what the Motorola did for the Moto X.
That is mine thought, what about you? comment, like, follow me!!!!!!!!!


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